A Better Understanding About How Our World Evolved So Influenced By Modern Cultures

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During this course, I achieved a better understanding about how our world evolved, culturally, and how and why, throughout history, certain interactions have occurred, and their resulting effects. I’ve learned that in some parts of the world, cultures were completely influenced by the introduction of other cultures; while some cultures remain steadfast to their origins, even when presented with outside influence or re-establishment into new foreign regions.

Acculturation means, upon an influx of new inhabitants from a foreign society, the acceptance of or adaptation to, the new, or existing, majority (Kittler, Sucher, Nahikian-Nelms, 2012, p. 6). On the North American continent, the Native Americans had an established way of life comprised of the food staples of corn, beans, and squash, hunting, a strong family and tribal system, and religions that “permeate all aspects of life” (Kittler, Sucher, Nahikian-Nelms, 2012, pp. 105, 108). European explorers and settlers brought the advancements provided by livestock; the staples of wheat and rice, spices, advanced cooking techniques using iron implements, and the Christian religion (Kittler, Sucher, Nahikian-Nelms, 2012, pp. 107-108).

What appeared to follow, for Native Americans, was a sharing of knowledge between them and the new inhabitants, to embrace one common goal, survival as one human race. In Mexico, the acculturation process actually evolved into a bicultural existence, where more than 80% of Mexicans are a…

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