A Better Life By Carlos Essay

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People react differently in certain situations. The way one person sees something is completely different than the way someone else may see it. Many circumstances can influence the way a person sees things. For instance, where a person grows up, how he is raised, his beliefs, and his social and economic status can affect his perspective. In the movie A Better Life, Carlos is an illegal immigrant from Mexico, who is looking to have a better life in the United States. He has a job as a landscaper, but he is going to lose it if he does not get a truck. He has an opportunity to buy a truck from his boss, but he needs to borrow the money. As an illegal immigrant, jobs are hard to come by, so many go to labor pick-ups and take whatever jobs come along. Carlos starts to go to labor pick-ups while he looks for some money to buy the truck. There he meets a man named Santiago. Eventually, Carlos buys the truck and invites Santiago to work with him. Santiago uses this opportunity to steal the truck. All of this leads to the idea of perspective, and why it is important to understand other people’s points of view. The scene, Stolen Truck, from “A Better Life” shows how two people can have different perspectives on the same situation.

When Santiago stole his truck, Carlos viewed it as misfortune or bad luck. In other words, there was nothing that he could do about the situation. Carlos felt betrayed by Santiago because he had trusted him. Many thoughts were going through his head.…

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