A Better Future : Should Climate Change Denying Essay

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For a better future: should "climate change denying" be considered as crime?
I have always found myself a believer. I was taught to believe in good and true things. When I was a kid, I was taught that I must treat the environment like my own body, I must respect it. It 's very important for each person on this planet to believe like me. If there is only me in this world, I could litter all i want, I could spit all I want, and the Earth would remain the same, but imagine there are 6 more billions people like me doing it, what would the Earth turn out to be? Apperantly, not everyone is like me, most of whom choose to respect the Earth and believe that everything has its limit, some of them tend to do the opposite by destroy it. But those aren 't the dangerous kind of people in this situation, the most dangerous people are those who choose to not to believe in "Climate change", they must think that the Earth doesn 't have limt. Intentional neglect about "climate change" is a huge problem nowadays

The problem wasn 't discovered recently, it was discovered a very long time ago, back in the time that the air was still super fresh, seas were blue, the view of Earth from the space was probably green and blue. Yet they found the problems, they introduced to the real world that if they still ignore the facts that they were destroying the planet. Lots and lots of efforts have been introduced to the world but most of whom kept ignoring it, their eyes were covered by dollar notes or…

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