A Better Future For Health And Work Environment Essay

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Due to the major presence of fossil fuels and gas emissions released by vehicles and energy based facilities, shifting towards green buildings will reduce air pollution and promote the social and well being in the communities. Green spaces can help combat pollutants and respiratory issues that are occurring in poor communities, as well can help with the social well being and promote psychological health. Social programs implemented in parks and the green projects provided in facilities can create a better future for health and work environment.
According to Swanwick, green spaces are classified into different categories and different purposes: enjoying the environment; social activities; get away from stressors; “walking activities, including dog walking; passive or informal enjoyment; active enjoyment, including sport and specific activities; and attending events” (p. 103). In England, different places roughly estimated that 32.9 million people use urban green spaces making some 2.6 billion visits (Swanwick, 103). Physical activity is compared between the two cities San Diego and Ghent. In comparison, San Diego utilize parks for physical activity, “rather than in Ghent, where many people are active on the safer streets for both leisure and transport purposes (e.g.jogging, cycling). In Ghent, parks are possibly perceived more as a place to relax or walk instead of a place to be vigorously active” (Dyk, 2013). Since, exercise is valued parks are incrementally expanding among…

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