A Beneficial Treatment Program Essay

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The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has long been a bastion of the abstinence-centered approach to addiction treatment. Since its creation in 1949, Hazelden has worked to help those who are addicted to alcohol and now features the capacity to help those with addictions to any number of substances. Based largely on Alcoholics Anonymous’s principles of recovery, especially the Twelve Steps that are at the core of AA. The major difference between the two organizations being that Hazelden has detox clinics, recovery and treatment facilities, and halfway houses where patients will spend their time in the program compared to the anonymity of AA’s programs. What makes these programs hard to evaluate is the lack of hard data on their success rates and the even harder task of determining what success looks like when rehabilitating someone from addiction. That said, Hazelden is a beneficial treatment program for many addicts and instills in its patients the goal of living an abstinent life as they integrate back into society while still staying up to date with its programs. What makes these programs, AA’s Twelve Steps and Hazelden Betty Ford’s holistic approach, so successful is not only their desire to treat the patient but to bring them back into society in a gradual manner. The first part of Hazelden’s program is to remove the addict from their normal life and have them face their problem head on. At detox clinics patients will go through counseling and group discussions where…

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