A Belief, Judgment, Or Way Of Thinking About What Someone Thinks About A Particular Thing

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A belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing (Merriam Webster). This is a formal definition of opinion. Opinions can change as quickly as a drop of a pin, it’s a very fragile view of how you see something. One experience can completely flip an opinion into something else. This is what happened to me during my brief but impactful experience with Bradley Krug. In this essay I will be addressing the main difference in opinions as well as the similar ways of thinking I had while viewing Bradley Krug back when I met him in eighth grade to the amazing person I know today. The first time I have ever seen Brad was at the end of my seventh grade year and it wasn’t exactly the perfect meeting. The first opinion I have ever formed on him was unfavorable, seeing him as a very rude and unbearable individual. I felt as if he had this pretentious way of talking. This perturbed me and added to my disdain. He had this stare that was almost as if he thought he was superior somehow, it ruffled my feathers. Personally I felt as if he hated my guts (I later found out it was because he said and I quote “I just hated your face”). My first experience with him was very negative. I had this friend who I was very close with, she happened to have a crush on Brad. We had this event for iLead (iLead was the leadership group) and we had to make paper flowers for it. This friend and I planned on doing this project together but Brad offered for…

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