A Beautiful Sunday Essay

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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Westminster, Colorado, my parents Craig and Michelle Habben sat in Westminster Lutheran Church. Lyndsay, who was my cousin, was getting confirmed; my parents, along with the rest of my dad’s side of the family, sat and supported her. My mom Michelle had been experiencing some pain and discomfort all day, therefore, she didn’t get any sleep the night before. Once my mom noticed that she was having contractions five minutes apart, she knew for sure she was in labor with her second child. So, after my cousin’s confirmation concluded, my parents drove 30 minutes to Littleton, Colorado, to Littleton Hospital; they arrived around 4 P.M. After about four hours of labor, my mom gave birth at 8:12 P.M., on May 2, 1999, to a blue-eyed baby girl. I weighed eight pounds and three ounces, measured 21 inches from head to toe, and featured dark brown hair. Emma Michelle Habben became my name. The name Emma was decided because my parents liked the name. Michelle came from my mom’s first name, and was also my older cousin’s middle name. After only one night in the hospital, my parents brought me home to my brother Chase; he was 2 years old, and awaited my arrival. We not only lived in Bailey, Colorado, but also lived in the Rocky Mountains, about 40 minutes southwest of Denver. Following the week after my birth, my dad went back to his job at HDR Engineering in Denver, Colorado, and my mom stayed home as a stay at home mom. May 2, 1999,…

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