A Beautiful Mind By John Nash Essay

877 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
A beautiful mind is a story revolving around a man named John Nash who suffers from a phycological disorder that causes obstacles in his life. The story first starts off with John at Princeton University who was promised a single room at the university which later turned out he would end up having a roommate, Charles, who would seem to follow him around for the rest of his life. John is gifted in mathematics but lacks in socializing with others. Once done with schooling he received a prestigious job at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where a student, Alicia, approached him about a problem he had written on the board in which she attempted to solve. Although she was unable to correctly solve the problem she proceeded to ask John on a date. This date sparked love between the two leading up to their marriage and later proceed to have a child. During this time John has an encounter with his former roommate and his niece, Marcee, at Princeton. At this point in the story, he is approached by William Parcher who claims to be a part of the department of defense. Parcher asked for Johns assistance in deciphering code to break an inscription. To the team’s astonishment, John was available of cracking the code in his head. At this point, he is given the assignment to monitor news in which he discovers a plot driven by the soviets. He is later chased by the soviets and shot at causing him to be very paranoid. Due to John’s state of mind, his wife is concerned about his mental…

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