Essay about A Beautiful Mind By John Forbes

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The multiple Oscar winning biographical movie A Beautiful Mind tells the story based on the life of the famous Nobel Prize winning mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. The movie start with John Forbes Nash in graduate school at Princeton University. At Princeton, he meets a group of graduate students and his roommate Charles Herman. John Forbes Nash was one of the two admired Carnegie Scholarship for mathematics winner at Princeton. At Princeton University, John Forbes Nash was one of the two co-recipient of the prestigious scholarship. During his stay at Princeton, John Forbes Nash feel that he is under extreme amount of pressure to publish his own original idea and breakthrough in the field of mathematics. Additionally, John Forbes Nash feel that he is racing against the other recipient of the Carnegie Scholarship, Martin Hansen, in trying to win the Fields Medal, which is the highest honor in the field of mathematics. The movie then showed John Forbes Nash develops the new governing dynamics concept while he was with a group of fellow graduate school students. The movie then showed Nash working with the Pentagon, trying to crack Soviet Union’s telecommunication code, and working with a mysterious supervisor William Parcher of the Department of Defense. The movie showed that John Forbes Nash become obsessive about finding and decoding the patterns and his work for the Department of defense, showing him deliver his results to a secret mailbox at a secret location. The…

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