Essay on A Beautiful Home

775 Words Nov 28th, 2015 4 Pages
A beautiful home, faithful husband, both had great careers and two beautiful kids together. Would it be worth losing all of that for an addiction? Zoey loved her husband Jason, and was happy but she felt something missing in her life. She felt as if her sexual needs weren’t fulfill. Sex with Jason would happen two to three times a day but she still wasn’t satisfied, after sex she would feel the need to masturbate. Zoey reached out to get help from Dr.spencer, a counselour that would help with this addiction. Zoey had a business and would recognize people’s art. She wanted Quinton Canosa, a very famous painter, to work for her. In the first time meeting Quinton, to make a deal, they automatically felt a physical attraction towards each other. She felt as if Quinton made her realize the excitement she was missing in her life. She begins having fantasies for him when she had finished making love to her husband. When Zoey went to Quinton’s house , for him to sign the contract, was when the affair started with Quinton. Zoey felt guilty, she knew she had the perfect husband that any girl could ever possibly want but this sexual activity with Quinton was something she could not control. After the affair, that’s all zoey could think about, her sexual needs were taking over her life, and her business was slowly falling apart. Her conscience about her being unfaithful to her husband is killing her but she can’t stop. She did not recognize that this was a sexual addiction, until…

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