Essay on A Beacon Of Light, Surrounded By Darkness

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A Beacon of Light, Surrounded by Darkness The word “golden” has certain expectations. If and only if those expectations are met can something be coined as being “golden.” Though the context differs for each situation, it revolves around similar expectations. The word “rich,” however, is often associated with the word “gold.” This word will hold a different connotation for every single person. When it comes to Golden Ages for civilizations, it meets all the criteria. No matter what the expectation someone has, that civilization will be able to fulfill it, one way or another. Words can be swapped in and out, but the general expectation remains. Gold is especially valuable when the supply is scarce. When supplies run low, expectation go up, and it leaves a lasting impression. The Golden Age of Islam, shining through the Dark Ages, contributed to and helped mold today’s society. By name and definition, golden and dark are antonyms of each other. The Dark Age occurred from the 470’s to the 1000’s (“Dark Ages”). To put it into perspective, the Dark Ages began when the Roman Empire fell, and when the Renaissance began, the Dark Age was no more (“The Dark Ages”). It is what happened during the Dark Ages that really made the Golden Age shine brightly. Life during this time was both brutal and unfavorable. One of the many conflicts during this time was with religion (“All About the Dark Ages”). Religiously, it was a struggle between the Orthodox Christians and Catholics (“All About…

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