A Baby Girl Was Born Premature Essay

1373 Words Nov 18th, 2014 6 Pages
A helpless baby girl was born premature, a repercussion of the long term use of drugs her mother had struggled with all her life. Her mom was exhausted, without a home, and in no way prepared to take on the responsibility of a baby. As soon as the baby was old enough to live without her mother, Foster Care stepped in, and settled her into a temporary home. She remained there for two prolonged years where she was starved by her foster parents, who were under the impression she was overweight.
During these two years, her mother was working to make a better life for herself, in the hopes to gain back custody of her daughter. But even years after she sobered up, this tiresome mother had no luck in attaining her youngest daughter back into her arms. So once again, this two year old girl was moved into yet another home, this time with her brother and sister. Her new foster home seemed to be the ideal fit, but this luxurious house and roomy backyard acted as some sort of camouflage of the darkness that lied inside. Not long after her arrival, her brother and sister were moved to different homes, and she was left isolated once again. Her seemingly perfect parents revealed to be highly abusive, and she was persistently maltreated for minor instances like wetting the bed. She was scared and unsure of how to trust. When she was five years old, her foster father began to sexually abuse her. It took three more years until the system finally gave her mother custody back. Although she…

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