A Advertisement On Blue And Grass Is Green Essay

700 Words Oct 11th, 2015 3 Pages
This advertisement can catch your attention because it has very beautiful color in the picture. The can is blue and grass is green and makes it look very healthy to buy. The Heinz Bean advertisement gives us an understanding that the real quality is measured to get the parents attention and reflects to the culture. We will have the opportunity to read and write about our advertisement. Also in many ways it teaches us how to carefully approach and examined to understand the purpose to reach its audience.
Heinz uses measurements to get parents attention and to show’s how to keep themselves and their children healthy. For example this advertisement shows it has 30 percent less sugar. With 30% less sugar can prevent less diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the body is enable to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose in the blood. One other example is salt because salt can give children high blood pressure. High blood pressure can start a headache and give you shortness of breath. The Heinz advertisement also provides a lot attention on how much we are trying to sell the product to let people know this is not a false advertisement. This advertisement clearly get people attention because it say “absolutely no artificial sweeteners” this is saying we need more stuff like less carbs and a lot of protein or less calories like this because parents want their children to be very healthy and have great nutrients. The bright colors of this…

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