90 Minutes In Heaven Analysis

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One of the literary devices used in 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper is conflict. Conflict is used after Don gets into a major car accident where he broke both legs and his left arm. While he is in the hospital he has to go through thirty four surgeries and he had to have a Ilizarov device attached to his leg to grow back some of the bone. The Ilizarov device is a bunch of metal bars and wires going through the skin and bone. Every six hours the wires needed to be tightened to stretch the bone out. The conflict in this section is Man vs. Self because he was in so much pain that he was contemplating just giving up on living and just refusing treatment which would lead to his death. I think that Piper used conflict where he did to show how he matured and got stronger because of all of the pain and time he had to spend in a hospital on the brink of death. The conflict in this story made it so that the reader could follow along with the story and see the progression of Don as he got better and as this inner conflict slowly dissipated. …show more content…
This was used throughout the story as he was recalling his experiences in his car accident and the pain of being hospitalized for thirteen months. He is using flashback on page 17 when he says “ I died on January 18, 1989. Paramedics reached the scene of the accident within minutes. They found no pulse and declared me dead. They covered me with a tarp so that onlookers wouldn't stare at me while they attended to the injuries of others. I was completely unaware of the paramedics or anyone else around me.” This shows flashback because he is remembering back to that day in 1989 when he died and eventually came

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