Essay about 9 Early Social Thinkers

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9 Early Social Thinkers

August Comte- August contributed in society in perhaps the biggest way of them all, simply for the fact that he discovered the term Sociology. Comte is the founding father of sociology, he was the first to tell the world his belief on the matter; and that was that the world can be best understood. The world can be best understood, Augusts’ belief then became known as positivism. He wanted to show the world that this is the way society should be and that understands where different people come from. Since August Comte was the first to discover sociology, he paved the way for others to learn off of his preaching’s and branch off on their own and become an early thinker themselves.
His ideas and views, and to
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The point was to study how someone’s nature is affected by the material conditions that determine their outcome. Marx's biggest issue was the economic change. He worked on what he calls “class conflict” the capitalists vs. the working class. The capitalists are the ones that are responsible for controlling the land and factories. The working class is the ones that are being exploited by the capitalists. Marx is known as one of the founders of Communism, modern Socialism, and Sociology.

Talcott Parsons- An American philosopher who is responsible for two huge terms that are practiced every day in our world, and that’s positivists and idealistic. Talcott Parsons believed in action theory, realism, and voluntarism and studied functionalism. Talcott had an issue with the system of action, social sciences, which he then later transformed culture, personality, and behavior. Talcott expressed how important he is simply just by being real. Everyone can relate because everyone has their own culture, ways of being brought up and he pretty much knew you simply could not judge people for what they do because there is a reason for it. So instead of insulting, he opened his mind and asked himself why people act a certain way?

Jane Addams- Jane Addams may be my favorite. She’s probably top 3 as far as most important social thinkers of all time go. This woman was known as the most

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