9/11 Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… There were so many unanswered questions about the worse attacks on America soil. Vann felt as if the Bush administration was stonewalling the serious investigations and giving the citizen what they felt was enough. Bush suggested reason for the war against Iraq was between the Saddam Hussein regime and the 9/11 attacks. Vann states, “This lie has come to the fore as the original claim that the invasion was required to eliminate weapons of mass destruction has been universal discredited.” Britain, the Blair government, did not support America’s war on Iraq and did not believe Bush lies concerning the weapons of mass destruction. Vann points out an article published that had evidence on how the US state anticipated an terrorist attack. America might not have anticipated the attack on the World Trade Center but some type of attack to justify an global military aggression. The Bush administration and government were working hard to limit the information giving out about the Saudi government involvement in the suicide attacks. Two of the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77were identified as Saudis. Vann states, “…two known terrorist operatives were in contact with the CIA, Saudi intelligence and the FBI in the months leading up to the attacks.” During the investigation into the 9/11 attacks, the congressional committee, who headed the investigation, was denied access to the FBI agents who had contact with the two Saudis. The CIA blocked the publication of information that would suggest Saudi involvement, stating it would affect their relation with a strategic US ally. Vann states how the congressional report states, “…CIA refused to release the contents of the president’s daily briefing, which could have shown how much specific evidence Bush received about a threatened attack in …show more content…
“Put options allow their holders to profit from declines in stock values because they allow stocks to be bought at market price and sold for the higher option price” (Insider Trading). Two companies that were most affected by the 9/11 attacks, American Airlines and United Airlines, put/call ratio were above their normal rates, before the attacks. Insider Trading states, “The spike in put options occurred on days that were uneventful for the airlines and their stock prices.” Days before the attacks, the average trading increase by 25 times. The reinsurance businesses were seen to lose after the attacks but almost double its normal days before. Bank of America increase in put option trading two days before the attack. The military suppliers stocks seen an increase because of the new businesses they were receiving. Insider Trading states, “…the SEC, after a period of silence, had undertaken the unprecedented action of deputizing hundreds of private officials in its investigation.” This indicated that any party involved, legally, could not disclose publicly what they know or they would be sent to

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