80's Impact On American Culture

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The 1980s has a large impact on our world today. The people of the 1980s helped our culture be the way that it is today. Without the eighties our world would not be nearly as fun, and would not have very good technology. The eighties was a time of change in culture and economy. It is important to our history, and a lot of change happened. The eighties has a huge impact on our culture today, and we have the lifestyle that we do because of the eighties. The main parts of the eighties that impact our culture today were Ronald Reagan, music and TV, and fashion.

Ronald Reagan impacted the culture of the eighties, which continues to impact the culture today. He cut taxes, increased employment, and stimulated economic growth. When Reagan was president,
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It represented the change in time. The early eighties were similar to the late seventies. When there was a big fashion change, it showed a new time where people would be happier. Fashion today helps describe what may be going on in our lives. If you are happy, then you might dress brightly, and if you are sad, then you may dress more in more dark clothes.There was more peace in the eighties, and fashion helps represent that. The fashion then changed how our culture is now. Nike was popular sports wear, and it still is today. People today also like to wear neon and leggings, as they did in the 1980s. In the eighties people liked to look back in time for fashion inspiration. Now we look back at the eighties for clothing ideas, just like they …show more content…
Ronald Reagan helped the economy, television and music was more advanced, and fashion was greatly changed. Ronald Reagan is one of the most respected presidents ever.The music, TV, and fashion took a big step towards whom we have become today.Today we continue using ideas that were developed in the eighties, and we try to improve them. The eighties showcased America’s strength, and we still look back at it a lot. We want to make a positive impact in the world, and if we look back at the eighties, then we can see how to do it. Our culture is the way that it is because of the eighties. We should be grateful for the eighties because people helped us so much. It was a peace gaining decade, and a time of change for

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