80s Fashion Influence Essay

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March 30, 2012 merican Studies

Fashion in the 80s:
Why the 1980s Was the Most Influential Fashion Era

No one will forget the times of padded shoulders, Members Only jackets, Doc Martens, and neon. That’s why the 1980s were the most influential of all eras in regards to fashion. The great importance of the 80s, in regards to fashion, is shown by the fashion icons on the day, the era of fashion shows, and specific trends still reflected today. Fashion icons in the 80s made a huge impact on the fashion industry. They collectively pushed the industry to the peak of culture. One example is Madonna. She impacted the pop culture and forever affected high end fashion. In her music videos, she wore clothes that were more
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(1) Many are the layered patterns and colors that were so common. In addition, clothes and hair from the 80s have also been shown. Many women sport large teased hair and leggings like the generation before them. In addition, neon is popularized with many designers. Not only are American consumers and designers trying to connect to the fashion, but also the feeling that goes with.(1) Many are not ready to let go of such fun glamorized and popular trends.
The 1980s were the

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