8 Themes of Art Essay

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8 Themes of Art

The Sacred Realm
The Sacred Realm is a theme of art that involves the concept of aspects that cannot be seen but can only be brought to existence through faith by viewing a piece of art work. This faith is usually in form of a sacred realm. It’s vital to understand that this theme cannot be viewed by the naked eye. For instance, the religious images in the visual art are employed to bring about the opinions and beliefs of the individuals who are in faith of the specific religion and this is reached by provision of abstract ideas with images thru the work of art. Therefore, the Sacred Realm theme of art explains in a virtual way the reason and purpose behind the existence of certain aspects of nature such as religion
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History on the other side has supplied the work of art with the significant stories, which have brightened the arts, therefore vivid that these arts cannot exist without history.
Looking Outward: The Here and Now
The Here and Now is a major theme in the work of art. It is applied in most images and paintings. The concept of the here and now emphasis demands the viewing of the first thing first. This basically involves artists not covering a wider range of social, political or historical idea within a piece of work. Instead, the aspects in the near region of are the ones that are much emphasized by an artist. This involves the application of the present time rather than dwelling on either the past or the future.
Looking Inward: The Human Experience The Looking Inward: The Human experience theme of art is mostly concerned with bringing an image that presents the day to day reality and concentrates on the day to day life of a human being in a piece of art work. This is demonstrated in pieces of work that display the ideas that exist and are desired in one’s life span. This is reached by works that tend to get through the thoughts of a human being or an image in a picture. As a result, in relation to the day to day life on can be able to tell the thoughts and actions in the piece of art. Art applies this theme on the basis that aspects such as death, growing up are

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