Important Life Lessons Essay

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8 Important Life Lessons
People experience personal change and growth at different rates. Some of us are farther ahead at an earlier age, while others never excel beyond a very basic emotional intelligence level. When we welcome, rather than struggle against the truth, life becomes more peaceful and fulfilling.
1. Time Really Does Heal All Wounds
But only if you allow it to. If you refuse to let go of your pain, you cannot heal; you stay stuck in that moment, stuck in the past, unable to truly move forward and grow spiritually. When we let go, we eventually see that it, whatever it was, certainly wasn’t insurmountable, and we frequently are able to see that there was something positive to be taken away from the experience that we were so averse
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Frequently, what we want is not what The Universe wants us to have. We always get what we need, even though it may not be what we want. A willingness to adapt makes it much more pleasant than fighting and fretting.
7. Blood is NOT Thicker Than Water
Most of us grow up being told that we must be loyal to the people we share DNA with, no matter what. Even if those people were/are abusive, neglectful, or otherwise harmful. Such relationships can rob us of our energy, creativity, and self-esteem if we don’t set limits.
We thrive when we surround ourselves with those who are supportive, wise, and inspirational. It is prudent to give our loyalty to those who truly nurture and cherish us, no matter whether they are directly related to us. We are all interconnected anyway.
8. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear
This may sound like a no-brainer, but we have a tendency to believe what people tell us, if they seem sincere. We also tend to believe what experts tell us, but they are human and prone to misinterpret or misremember information. Sometimes those we trust will mislead us for one reason or another. Always do your own fact checking, and don 't pass along misinformation. Just as looks can be deceiving, so can

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