7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Essay

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Wisdom is an acquired quality. This gift of the Holy Spirt grows in and with you. Wisdom has little to do with looks. One may think a man who is old and bearded is wise because he appears like he has been through a lot in his life. People that have the gift of wisdom look past appearance and look within. In other words, they don’t judge a book by its cover. Divisions drive wise people crazy. This gift has nothing to do with being smart or right but everything to do with being real. People with wisdom can hear beneath the surface of others and are very patient. They do not allow other people to get under their skin. My father, Joe Coelho is a very wise man. He has never been one to judge and bring down peoples self esteem. He
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My mom, Bonnie Coelho is the most courageous person I know. When she sets a goal she always accomplishes it, and she expects that from me. When she loves someone she loves them with all her heart. My mom is a very graceful women. She doesn’t have to concur everyone to be satisfied. She is comfortable enough in her own skin to not have to out due everyone else. My mom loves God with all her heart and puts him first. She always says “Pray for Gods grace.” She is the most courageous person I know. She would look fear in eyes and say “try me.” She is a very strong women. My mother has been through tough situations, but nothing nearly as tough as fighting cancer. She has breast cancer. She has the aggressive kind. With the kind of strength my mom has, this doesn’t faze her. It takes courage to offer up pain to God, but my mom sure does. When my mom had surgery, the Holy Rosary was right on my moms chest. God is who gave her the courage to fight cancer. When she comes home, she has a smile on her face even tho I know inside she is in a lot of pain. One day I saw my mom standing in the refrigerator and I hadn’t seen her in over a week. She looked like a totally different person and I cried so hard when I saw her. I new one thing tho, my mother is the most courageous person ever.
Right Judgment Judgement is the basis for wisdom and understanding. People with right judgement are very responsible. They take responsibility for their mistakes. Some one who

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