6 Feet of Country Essay

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Question: Analyse how the growth or breakdown of a character relationship or individual in a text (or texts) you have studied?
Analyse the deterioting relationship between the narrator and his wife Lerice.
“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Within the text “Six Feet of the Country” by Nadine Gordimer, we are given insight into a deterioting relationship. The negative narrator and his wife’s relationship is slowly crumbling due his lack of interest with her. The tension and flaws of their relationship become apparent during the climatic event of the illegal immigrants death. This moment is a defining point of their relationship, and displays how the manifestation of their small
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The narrator employs servants from Rhodesia in order to look after his farm; however he does not accept them as his workers and calls them “Lerice’s farm boys.” We learn throughout this short story that the narrator is an extremely racist man. This is shown through his condescending attitude towards his workers “poor devils have nothing much to fear.” He finds his wife and the farm boys equally irritating. A

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