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Name: Ashleigh Carroll

Centre Name: ICS

ICS Student Number: 20949627


Qualification Title: Diploma in Human Resource Management
Unit Title: Using Information in Human Resources
Unit Code: 5DPP
Assignment number: 2

Candidate declaration:
‘I confirm that the work/evidence presented for assessment is my own unaided work.’

I have read the assessment regulations and understand that if I am found to have ‘copied’ from published work without acknowledgement, or from other candidate’s work, this may be regarded as plagiarism which is an offence against the assessment regulations and leads to failure in the relevant unit and formal disciplinary action.

I agree to this work being
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Examples of proposed improvements include, online Professional Development Reviews speeding up the process and allowing HR to report more accurately on performance management issues. Online recruitment may reduce Agency spend, therefore allowing more budget to be allocated to candidate attraction. Attracting high performing candidates is a key focus area for development of the workforce.
2.0 Literature Review Summary
The purpose of the literature review is to discuss key points of relevant literature identified in the title. It aims to scrutinize and analyse the concepts and methodology associated with implementation of HRIS.
From 2005, the importance of Quality Assurance has been a key focus for FE Colleges. The Learning Skills Council (LSC) set out a 5 year plan to ensure improvements were made. Highlighted as a key development point to ensure improvement was data collection. The outcome was that there should be a clear development plan to ensure that “all colleges have access to – possibly through shared services – state of the art management information systems.” The Learning Skills Council (2005)
“Good quality data is essential to the effective management of colleges.” The focus on the quality of data is heavily stressed, specifically on the importance of the Colleges responsibility to collecting and

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