Essay 514 unit

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Performance evidence record

Qualification/unit 514

Learner name Lisa Loveday

Use this form to record details of activities (tick as appropriate)

 Observed by your assessor

 Seen by expert witness

 Seen by witness

 Self / reflective account

NB. Your assessor may wish to ask you some questions relating to this activity. There is a separate sheet for recording these. The person who observed/witnessed your activity must sign and date overleaf.

Date of Activity

Learning outcome
Assessment criteria




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Individuals have the right to make decision about their care and treatment, even where those decisions may not be thought to be in their best interests.

Safeguarding Adults and Adult Protection describe the same process. It describes how organisations should respond if abuse is identified or disclosed.

The No Secrets Act was issued by the government in 2000 and gave social services a role in developing local policies and procedures for Protecting Vulnerable Adults from abuse. It has also meant that all agencies such as Police probation services, social services and health services had to work together to protect vulnerable adults. Social service departments were required to develop and implement these codes of practice by October 2001

It is very important to devise systems and structures which support rights and responsibilities, equality and diversity as well as every individual person’s life desires. When creating systems in my place of work, which are there to safeguard vulnerable adults, I need to take the following into account:-

1. service users’ ability
2. service users’ needs
3. That they are easy to use

There are various systems in place to ensure that the above is achieved for example:

1. Individual care plans
2. Risk assessments
3. Complaints procedure

If a service user felt their rights had not been exercised despite the structure, there is a complaints procedure in place. This applies as much to staff as

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