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365 assignment代写之 Case Study of Omega for Organization Behavior
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Case Study of Omega for Organization Behavior

Executive Summary

There is a relationship among the management system established by the corporate leaders, the management methods used by the directors, the organizational structure and the evaluation from the managers to the subordinates and the staff (Hung-Wen & Ching-Hsiang, 2009). The relationship is put forward by Adam • Smith who was the British bourgeois classical
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From the case of Omega Technical Services, the evidences can be found to illustrate that the relationship and the recommendations are accurate in the modern economic society.

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction. 1
2.0 Situation Explanation. 2
3.0 The relationship between work motivation and employee attitudes 3
4.0 Recommendations for the directors to improve the current situation. 6
5.0 Conclusion. 8
References 9


The relationship between the work motivation and the employees’ attitude exists in every industry (Gagné & Deci, 2005). Actually, the impact between the two aspects is mutual. A dynamic work motivation can not leave a positive employees’ attitude. It is owed to that a positive attitude can give an accurate perspective to the work. On the contrary, the correct jumping-off point of the work motivation can also cultivate a healthy working attitude (Buelens & Van den Broeck, 2007). The reason is that when the employees have a scientific awareness on the issue what working is for, they can build up a positive attitude to face the oppressive and whiny work without any complaining. The things which have troubled the directors of companies are not the technology and skills of employees, but the mental problems (Buelens & Van den Broeck, 2007). There is no pimping work in the world. On the

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