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Case: Is Quality Good Marketing or Is Good Marketing Quality1
Quality is important to the employees of a Fortune 500 leisure furniture manufacturer and retailer. Franchise owners are required to operate their stores with a focus on high quality, knowing that their license may be revoked if the corporation judges their quality to be inadequate. Franchise owners recognize that commitment to quality begins with management and filters down to all areas of the business. Managers believe that if they cut corners, their employees are likely to do the same. They emphasize that things should be done correctly the first time and that there is always something that can be improved. They are never totally satisfied with the present level of
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The franchisor also emphasizes quality in warehousing. This includes handling of the product from the point of receiving until its shipment from the warehouse. Furniture received at the warehouse is inspected for defects, such as rips and scratches. If a defect cannot be repaired, the unit is promptly shipped back to the manufacturer. The next step is to steam out any bumps or creases that occurred in shipping. When furniture is delivered to a franchisee's showroom, the vice president of merchandising is responsible for placing it in the showroom for proper pricetagging.
For customer delivery the store rents professional-looking uniforms for its delivery personnel. The delivery equipment is well-maintained, clean, and reliable. Trucks are cleaned every day and repainted frequently. The trucks are on a tight maintenance schedule in order to maximize reliability. Customers can request a guaranteed two-hour delivery window. Delivery personnel call the day prior to the scheduled delivery to remind the customer of the time and to confirm that someone will be home. At the customer's residence, delivery personnel must complete tasks specified on a checklist, including placing the furniture exactly where the customer wants it, confirming that items such as recliners are in working order, demonstrating proper operation when appropriate, and other tasks. The delivery person is not permitted to leave until the customer is satisfied with the product and the

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