5 Themes In Slaughterhouse 5

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I was first introduced to Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut end of my freshman year of high school. It was the summer reading that was required by the second year honors english class. I like most students blew it off for most of the summer until the final weeks. At the beginning it was rather a hard read because of how it always jumped around but towards the end it was became a lot easier to read and to understand. I felt the exact same about this while watching the movie. For the first half Billy is always time traveling and it’s hard to understand when it is or what even is going on. The movie had a very bad way of explaining that Billy can time travel, all it did to tell the audience that Billy could time travel was have him write it down …show more content…
It is an obvious one because Billy is always flowing through time but his time on planet Tralfamadore and what he learns and tells everyone towards the end is in my opinion what the book is really about. How you cannot control what is going to happen and you should not try to like when Billy knows he is going to get killed in Philadelphia but still goes and gets killed. The point of view is first person and it’s through Billy. It is not first person like video games where you do not see the person but more like every scene has Billy in it and he is usually the focus of the scene. We do not get to know Billy’s exact thoughts but his actions usually shows what is thinking. From what I can remember from the book is that it is not a first person point of view but more like a narrator that does not know everything. The movie did not contain a narrator like the book did. Billy is developed in a very strange way over the course of the movie because you see the timeline of his life in the wrong order. You learn how his dad was one scene where he throws him in the pool telling him to swim or sink but before that you see him getting an award for the lion’s club. Towards the end of the movie you get to see the character Billy has developed into. He sees life through a very timeless scope much like of the people of Tralfamadore. We see this development when he spends the last 20 minutes of the movie trapped on their planet. The movie is nothing compared to the book because there is just too much information in the book that you cannot fit into a reasonable timed movie. The movie is already a whopping hour and 50 minutes and it still could not provide all the details the book gives you. Any movie longer than 2 hours has to be a masterpiece and this one would not be. In the end even though I do not remember a lot of the book and I have just watched the movie I can confidently say that the book is overall the better way to

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