5 Stages Of Pregnancy

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The zygote lasts for four days. On the fifth day, the cells become known as a blastocyst. The period will last for approximately two weeks, after this period of time the organism is known as an embryo;
The Embryo:
An Embryo is a fertilized egg that has begun cell division. An embryo grows arms and legs and begins to develop fingers and toes as it develops into a foetus it. In the eight week of pregnancy the embryo begins to form lungs, and its brain continues developing. At this stage, the embryo is very small, at less than 0.75 of an inch long.
The Foetus:
After the 10th week of pregnancy a developing foetus will have begun to form identifying features, such as its nose and mouth. The organs will begin to develop. At week nine of gestation,
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The baby’s head should now be pointing downwards ready to engage. The baby’s nervous system will be fully developed and their bones will also begin to harden, apart from their skull bones which will not harden until after birth. The baby will also be curled up in the uterus therefore, not leaving much room to move. Their lungs will be fully formed to enable them to take their first breath and the baby will be able to suckle for feeds and their digestive system will be prepared to cope with breast milk.
At birth babies can feel pain, their face, hands and feet are sensitive to touch. The baby will use the movements that they see other people do around them for example; the baby will give a startle response if they are moved quickly. Every new born will turn to a sound. The baby may relax and become still to slower sounds and more energised when hearing high sounds. A baby will also usually stop crying to listen to a voice by two weeks old. Every baby is born with tiny taste buds; babies therefore enjoy sweet tastes such as breastmilk. A baby can also focus on an object 20cm away from them. The baby will also enjoy looking at human faces and tracking movements of people and

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