5 Of Hurry Up, Brother ! Essay

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Hallyu and Cosmetic Surgery in China
In episode 5 of Hurry Up, Brother!, a Chinese version of the South Korean hit reality game show Running Man, Deng Chao, the team’s leader, said “What? No! I can’t do that, my nose is fake! I just had it done in the Korean style! (YouTube)” In fact, this is not the first time Deng has parodied the prevalence of cosmetic surgery in China. In fact, undergoing the knife is neither a rarity nor a secret in the PRC’s entertainment industry; in truth, even under Mao’s tightly controlled communist regime, where the pursuit of beauty was prohibited, celebrities underwent cosmetic surgery to address issues such as physical imperfections and aging (Wen 39). However, nowadays, more and more celebrities and individuals, predominantly females, are paying a visit to cosmetic clinics to enhance their physical appearance. The prevalence of cosmetic surgery in China first caught my eye through two different channels; my consistent inability to differentiate between actresses when watching Chinese period dramas, and a Shanghaiist article that revealed before and after photos of 20 ordinary Chinese women (Shanghaiist). In stark contrast to my prior assumption of cosmetics surgery procedures only being common in the media industry, women who work ordinary professions, such as kindergarten teacher or office clergy, were also choosing to undergo cosmetic surgeries to obtain better-looking features (Shanghaiist).

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