5 Importance Of The Philosophical Mindset

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Register to read the introduction… 1. The beliefs must be internally consistent. Must not contradict each other. Inconsistency is a sign that something is wrong within a given set of beliefs and one must make a change to remove the inconsistency. The number of beliefs is not always relevant when looking to make a change within them. Thomas Kuhn argues that a whole paradigm shift in one’s worldview might occur on the basis of one new fact coming to light. When Copernicus discovered the earth goes around the sun, it changed not only astronomy but affected social, phil, and theo ideas as well.
2. External comprehensiveness. Comprehensive does not mean every single belief has to be accounted for by one’s worldview; instead it means that when a new fact that might have a pround effect on a worldview comes to light, the worldview needs to account for it. Cannot ignore an issue or pretend it isn’t there. Phil frowns on claims of mystery or a paradox we can’t explain. This is one of the real values of adopting a phil mindet: it plays a significant role in solving conundrums like
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1. A person’s worldview determines his ultimate goals and these in turn strongly shape everyday decisions. Phil helps us consider what our goals for the future should be and how to best achieve them. Danish phil. Soren Kierkgaard: ‘understand life backward but live it forward’.
2. The role it plays when evaluating questions and problems in other fields. No matter what discipline you are in, you will eventually encounter basic phil questions. JP Moreland offers examples (p. 61/62).
3. One of the most common ways phil is practical is the role it plays in ethical reasoning. We regularly make moral decisions. Process of finding moral justification for our choices involves thinking philosophically.
4. How we relate to each other. Variety of worldviews held by diff. people. The more we understand phil, the more we understand each other.
5. It opens and expands our minds to new ideas and options we may never have considered. Helps rid us of dogmatism, prejudice, and poor reasoning. Become more analytical of what we read, see, and hear.

• What did Kierkegaard mean when he said we should understand life backward but live it

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