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1.1 Knowledge, Skills and Behaviors required to be effective in a HRM/D role

Human Resources (HR) is fundamental to business performance and has a pivotal role to play in the decision making that enables organisations to operate effectively.

In 2009, the CIPD introduced the HR Profession Map which is structured around the areas of HR activity, it focuses on what professionals need to know, do and deliver to be effective throughout all stages of a career in HR. The map is not specific to an organisations size or structure or the sector it operates in and is relevant to all HR professionals regardless of level or role.

The map (fig 1.) is structured in 3 elements:

10 Professional Areas, 8 Behaviours and 4 bands of Competence.
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Insights Strategy & Solutions
My departments focus is on supporting employees through change, by providing understanding of the reasons for change and their role within. In addition, the risks associated with work at height also require understanding of legal requirements. (1.7.1, page 10 & 1.26.1, page 13)

Leading HR
I work collaboratively with the Field and Health & Safety (H&S) departments to ensure competent application of new knowledge, skills and equipment, whilst owning my own development to ensure industry standards are met (2.3.1, 2.4.1 & 2.8.1, page 14, HR Profession Map).

Learning & Development
I regularly work with the training design and evaluation teams, where my natural curiosity and good influencing skills support my drive to deliver the best possible service to my customers contributes to developing and maintaining training packages, as well as supporting Line Managers in providing development plans for their direct reports (6.7.1 & 6.8.2, page 26, HR profession map)

Employee relations
Having an operational background, I have a solid understanding of the application of current policies and procedures, providing personal credibility to my position; supporting field managers through on site coaching of their direct reports (9.9.1, page 36, HR profession map).

Band (transition 1-2)
I am also responsible for the development of 3 new to role trainers; acting as a role model, in the application of best

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