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Title Developing yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development Practitioner


Word count from here. Approx 600 words.

1.1 HR Profession Map (HRPM)
CIPD Profession Map identifies different professional areas within HR, different behaviour types associated with professions, and bands which determine the level an individual is at (e.g, Admin, Manager, Director etc).

Members of the CIPD website can use the HR Profession Map to assess their current capabilities, and identify areas for development to either move bands within a specific professional area, or move into a different professional area altogether. This can be used for individuals,
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Collaborative Can work with teams both inside and outside of the organisation.
Personally credible Be trustworthy, do what you say you will do.
Courage to challenge Look at each circumstance objectively and be unafraid to put forward a different view or opinion.
Role model Lead by example. Be consistent in everything you do, be honest and unbiased.

2.0 Professional Area 3 (Title – your selection. State whether it is Band 1 or 2)
(write a short paragraph for each) Employee Relations – Band 2
Activities Employee relations is supporting HR and managers in disputes such as grievances or disciplinaries in line with Company procedures and relevant country law. Keeping an account of events associated with either a grievance or disciplinary accurately and without bias.

Knowledge Up to date knowledge of employment law and being aware of your company policies and procedures is critical. Some situations can be avoided, understanding how these issues occur can assist in putting plans into place to prevent re-occurances (identify root causes). Communication from the business can come in many forms, giving feedback on how communications is received and understood assists with improvements going forward.

2.1 The activities and knowledge most essential to my role
Explanation As a local Works Council representative and European Work representative I am actively involved in redundancies and grievances. I refer to our company

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