4DEP Developing yourself as an effective HR/L&D Practitioner Essay

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Title of report: Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning and Development Practitioner

Table of Contents

Subject: Developing yourself as an Effective Human Resources or Learning & Development


1.1 The Human Resources Profession Map (HRPM) – Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours
2.1 HR Customers – Meeting Their Needs
2.2 Methods of Communication – Advantages & Disadvantages
2.3 Effective Delivery of Service
2.4 CPD & Self Assessment
3.1 Development Plan
3.2 Development Record

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Based on the services my company provides we have 3 types of identifiers:

Management requires support and advice. HR needs to ensure they abide by the processes and procedures as well as the legislation laws. HR is expected to help with diffusing difficult situations between Managers and Employees. As an L&D Practitioner I need to understand the workforce and the learning and talent development needs of each Manager at any level.

Customers depend on the strategic approach of HR, expecting HR to be proactive by noticing problems and addressing them with the relevant people in the business. Customers need to receive fair and equal treatment, as they “(...) expect to pay a price relative to the standard demanded.”4

Employees depend on HR in times of change, who should give good advice, be unbiased, fair and understanding. I will need to provide support in regards to technology and ensure all employees are qualified and skilled.

2.2 Methods of Communication – Advantages & Disadvantages

Methods of Communication
Fast response of delivery and answer
Email trail can act as evidence
Can contact large group at once
Sending big figures/facts/files securely
There is no limit how much information can be sent

Can be interpreted incorrectly
Less social interaction
Eyesight can be affected

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