47 Ronin Essay

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The 47 Ronin

Breaching the perimeter of the Edo Castle with a full armament and a flawless plan, the 47 ronin sought vengeance and honor. Seeking remittance in bloodshed, the 47 ronin remained loyal to Asano Takuminokami and avenged his death by killing their enemy, Lord Kira Kozukenosuke. The actions leading to this vendetta initiated during the receiving of the imperial delegation within the Edo Castle. When Kira continually discredits Asano’s efforts to prepare the Castle for the delegation, Asano unsheathed his short-sword and unleashed a fury of slashes towards Kira. Suppressed by Kajikawa Yosobe and unsuccessful in his attempt to kill Kira, Asano received the sentence of death. Although his death sentence was necessary the
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In his writing, he mentions a certain law concerning punishment within the Edo Castle. The laws states as follows, “Anyone who kills a person in Edo Castle is to be punished with death” (Sato, 334). In observance of the implications of this law, it is debatable why Asano received the death sentence. Danzai and I both agree upon the terms of the law, additionally we feel Asano received an overly harsh punishment. Yet, Danzai persists and states the Asano retainers should have resented the lax in this law rather than despise Kira. I, however, do not agree. Although this law received dismissal, Asano’s initial gesture was to kill Kira. Attempting to kill Kira in the Edo Castle however was unsuccessful so it fell upon the 47 ronin to fulfill his wishes.
Furthermore, I deny Danzai’s claim and side with another individual, Asami Yasusada concerning Kira as the true enemy of the vendetta. Although we have both heard the notion, “…If your master failed to kill someone and he was killed as a result, who would you call your enemy if not that someone?” it is not enough to find Kira at fault (Sato, 331). However, it is acceptable to reason that Asano’s death was the result of Kira’s actions. Because Kira made Asano disgrace himself in front of people in the Edo Castle, this infuriated him and led to the aforementioned quarrel. According to Danzai, the responsibility to carry out what their master had wanted to do with his sword fell upon the

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