4 Types Of Football Fans

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With the rise in popularity of the National Football League in recent years, many people from around the world have become fans of American football. However, like any fan base you're always going to find a few bad apples that seem to ruin the whole bunch. Since there are so many different types of annoying fans, we'll have to only cover the four most annoying types of fans. The four most annoying types of NFL fans are: the band wagoner, the “we won this many championships back in the day” guy, the “die-hard” who doesn’t know anything about their team, and super pessimist.
The first type of fan we’ll talk about is the band wagoner. These are those super obnoxious people who cheer for a team because they’re good, then choose to start following a better team next year. After switching teams, they will deny the fact they were ever a fan of the
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The down on their luck fans can never seem to catch a break. These fans consist of Cleveland Browns fans, Miami Dolphins fans, and Buffalo Bills fans. These fans are by far the most annoying, always counting how many touchdowns their team needs to come back even when it’s clear there is no hope and acting like every play of every game is make or break. The worst part about it is that these fans say the same thing year in and year out, always proclaiming that this is their year or acting like the season is all over because their backup quarterback lost a preseason game.
While there are many more annoying types of NFL fans out there these four take the cake. These fans aren't just limited to the teams that I have named. These annoying fans can be found in any stadium, sports bar, or game day party across America. They jump from team to team, they bring up the past, they yell for no real reason, and they always whine like god has something against their team, and that is why these fans are by far the most annoying football fans to watch the great sport that is

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