Essay on 4-Mat-Review

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Alton Dawson
Liberty University

Entwistle’s concept on psychology and Christianity allows the student to foster a better understanding the importance of integrating the concepts of science (psychology) and religion. In the book the author’s opinion of integrating psychology and Christianity is displayed to possess the client’s understanding that science and religion when integrated will promote a higher probability of healing. Christianity has been a part of the lives of mankind since the fall of Adam. Entwistle believes that God has given mankind a guideline to promote living a spiritual lifestyle that is beneficial to all mankind. Although there is not a connection with psychology and Christianity,
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Entwistle (2010) reminds us that if Christ has a stake on all of our lives then the works of integration will become feasible and imperative, as we attempt to understand the essence of unity. There have always been rifts between faith and science throughout history because of different concepts stating that science is the opposite of the theological views and concepts. Psychologist that are faith- base while working in the field of psychology can recognize that that are drawn by their faith, and can view science as the work of God. There are five disciplinary steps or relationships Entwistle list in his book: enemies, spies, colonialist, neutral parties and allies (Entwistle, 2010, p 135). Enemies whether secular or Christian have opposite views of faith and science co-existing. Spies including members of the church body who may have extensive backgrounds in the field of psychology may only have interest of benefiting their own religious systems (Entwistle, 2010, p182). Colonialists find useful pieces of psychology to establish their own agendas according to their beliefs. Neutral parties often have different views when it comes to the secular and theological opinions on integrated psychology, while segregating science and

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