4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

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Field of Dreams

During the late 80’s, Phil Alden Robinson developed a sensational story that revolved around a real life account of a sport tragedy. The viewers were immersed in a touching account of how sport, a social interest, can play a powerful role in human bonding; thus becoming a very spiritual component of life. It in itself has a profound effect on the societies’ spiritual experiences; and just like religion can respectfully be considered a form of spirituality for a modern society, as exemplified in Robinson’s movie ‘Field of Dreams’. This story resonates far beyond the power of dreams, its appeal lies in a vision of a perfect sport and the love for which can inadvertently resolve issues no matter how grand. The plot at first
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As the movie nears its ending, Robinson evolved on the concept of having utterly devoted fans and as if in a mystified manner drew them in to this already mystical place, just to have them see the most idolized team of ‘the golden age’ play once again. “People will come Ray…for reasons they can’t even fathom...They’ll arrive at the door as innocent as children, longing for the past.” Terence Mann. Robison writes this script in such a way, so he can convey a spiritual change within the hearts and minds of supposedly the entire society, towards a spiritually torn team, the team they once loved to watch.

While in another fashion, “a sense of a spiritual happening” is also insinuated as the author introduces the concept of a ‘lost soul’. This perhaps this is the most overt method the author could have used to symbolically tie spiritualism to the love of baseball. In order to resonate to the audience Robinson conceives of a character with a simple unfulfilled wish. Archie ‘Moonlight’ Graham, a rookie back in the day, seemed to have received a crushed spirit after achieving so much to get to the Major Leagues, but when getting there his career ends abruptly and he loses his chance at his fifteen minutes of fame. This was a man who had

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