4-Mat Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

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4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling
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McMinn, Ph.D., Mark R. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (1996)
4 MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling
Christian counseling is all about integrating psychology, theology and spirituality into counselor and clients lives. Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling gives insight into how these three perspectives can be used to help individuals identify certain aspects of their lives that might be enhanced when the counselor includes spirituality into their counseling sessions. We also see how important it is for the counselor to be in touch with their own spirituality so that
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The word of God has enormous healing powers and when clients tap into these wonderful powers they start their journey to better emotional health.
Concrete Response When I moved back home, after my brother passed away, I went through a very emotional time. At one point, I decided to seek counseling. I had never been exposed to Christian counseling and had no idea that the counselor that I was planning on seeing had a Christian based practice. Initially, I shunned the idea of any type of religious interactions. I was mad at God and I was sure that my prayers would not be answered. Afterall, I could pray all I wanted to but prayer wouldn’t bring my brother back. My counselor was patient with me. Occasionally, he would slip scripture into our sessions and ask me if I would like to pray. I declined the prayer but reflected upon the scripture. After a several months, I introduced spirituality into our session. I wanted to know how a God that was so good could cause such pain. My counselor and I talked in depth about how God has a plan for everyone and that his intention is not to cause pain. That day I allowed my counselor to pray with me. I broke down. I confessed my feelings and allowed myself to grieve. I believe that if my counselor had pushed me to pray, before I was ready, I would have stopped our sessions. I wasn’t a customer for prayer. I needed time. I needed to establish a

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