Essay about 4: Childhood and Positive Parenting

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04.07: Positive Parenting
Please complete the following questions. It is important that you use full sentences and present the questions and answers when you submit your work. The answers to the Discussion Questions are worth 10 points. Use the rubric to guide you.
Module Four: Discussion Questions
1. Do you think positive parenting techniques work? Why or why not?
I do believe that positive parenting techniques work because my mom uses it on my younger siblings and still does for me. When I was younger my mom would ask me to do a chore and when I finished she would encourage me and/or take me out for a treat. Now that I’m older I do chores without being asks and without excepting an a treat, although she still encourages me and thanks
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The answers to the lab questions are worth 10 points. Use the rubric to guide you.
Module Four: Lab Questions
Your first lab link can be found at Positive Parenting: Get Past Teen Stereotypes. A written transcript is also available for this lab.
1. Why do teens lie according to the teens in the video?
Most teens lie because they don’t want to get punished for something their parents disapprove of.
2. What can teens do to regain trust with their parents?
Teens can regain their parents trust with the actions they chose to do.
3. Why do parents focus on the negative aspect of teens?
Parents are scared of raising their children. They want to be the perfect parent but when their children become teens and start making big mistakes all the parent focuses on is correcting the bad things their teen does.
4. What are the strengths that you have as a teenager?
The strengths I have as a teenager is the ability to change myself and the world.
Your second lab link can be found at Praise That Builds a Child's Self-Esteem.
1. Explain how praise can have a positive and negative impact.
Praise can be positive because it encourages your child to do right. Praise can be negative if it is used for good and bad behavior because than your child wont know right from wrong.
2. Write a descriptive praise statement that would be encouraging to a child.
“I am so proud of you! Would you like to go out for ice cream since you did such an amazing job on your

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