Essay on 3RTO Activity 1

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Resourcing Talent

Activity 1 – (Report of 750 words)
This report identifies and assess factors that affect an organisations approach to both attracting talent and recruitment and selection. It also identifies and explains benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, describes methods of recruitment and methods of selection.

Factors that affect an organisations approach to attracting talent
For an organisation to attract talent successfully, as part of the talent planning policy it needs to identify and assess what factors affect its approach to attracting talent. For example:
1. Economic Environment – An organisation needs to consider what money is available to spend and this will depend on the current climate at the
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Competitive advantage – The organisation can interact and understand the needs of wider range of customers and by doing this, could have a competitive advantage.

2. Talent recognition – Future talent can be more easily recognised in the ever increasing competitive labour market, making it easier for the organisation to attract and retain the talent required.

3. Growth – A diverse workforce enables the organistion to grow and succeed by encouraging innovation and creativity.

Methods of recruitment
Once a position is vacant within an organisation, it needs to be made known and there are various ways that this can be done. The following examples, compare and contrast the benefits of different recruitment methods:
1. Employment Agencies – Many are specialists in finding talent in particular functions. They get to know the organisation and find people suitable for the role and for the organisation.

2. Advertising internally – For example; on a notice board or via the company intranet. The benefit of this is that an employee already knows the Company and is readily available for interview. Showing there is a chance to progress within the company can also help morale.

3. Contacting schools, colleges and universities – Often an organisation may have already met applicants if they have completed a placement with them, therefore the company and candidate already know each other.

Methods of selection

The selection is paramount to ensuring

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