3rd Grade Essay

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What your child will learn in

Parent Guide Grade 3

Grade 3
What your child will learn

English Language Arts
Reading Comprehension
• Find important details in a story and tell what the story is mostly about • Determine the main idea and key supporting details when reading • Make predictions and draw conclusions when reading • Distinguish fact from opinion • Understand cause and effect • Retell a story, including the setting, main characters, and all key events • Describe what a story is mainly about using important details • Make predictions and draw conclusions using clues in the text • Tell whether a statement is fact or
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• Relate multiplication and division as inverse operations • Solve multiplication and division problems using various representations • Understand the meaning and uses of fractions • Use various strategies and models to compare and order fractions and identify equivalent fractions • Add and subtract fractions with like denominators using various models • Read and write numbers up to 10,000 in numerals and up to 1,000 in words • Identify the place value of numbers in the tenthousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones positions • Convert between expanded and standard form with numbers to 10,000 • Compare and order numbers up to 10,000 using the words and symbols , = • Recall basic multiplication facts through 10 times10 and the related division facts • Solve problems that involve the inverse relationship between multiplication and division • Recognize, compare, and order fractions (benchmark fractions, common numerators, or common denominators)

Algebraic Thinking
• Develop meaning for and apply the commutative, associative, and distributive properties using various representations • Develop understanding that a letter or a symbol can represent

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