3D Printing Case Study

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Can China continue to grow? China has been heavily Government capital spending and exports. China capital spending is usually under infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and China has been doing some testing where 3D printing can help continue to drive the economy. China has best testing printing houses and other infrastructure as a possible avenue to continue having capital spending in the form of infrastructure is a powerful driver in the Chinese economy. Exports are another vast driver in the Chinese’s economy where mass production is a part of total exports where 3d printing can be seen as strength is with products that are custom and more complex. China is trying to move towards an economy driven by consumer spending, fine tuning an economy is very difficult. As you can see from the chart Chinese growth has slowed down very significantly. Still the levels are higher than many other countries, but the slowdown is clear and the transition to that slows down can be seen as problematic. The blue line is related to the value of the yen and that has weekend in the last two years as well. This has happened because china has allowed its currency to …show more content…
The market size of china 3D Printing has reached 3.7 billion in 2014. According to China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, the market size of China’s 3D printing in 2016, is expected to be 10 billion. That is an impressive jump in two years, a 6.3 billion dollar increase in the 3d industry. As 3D printing technology increase its ability to reduce it time to make a product and the cost of making the product. Its increase of the market size and value will increase at a sharper rate. However, for 2015 3D printing will have slow growth and the market size should increase from 3.7 billion to around 5 billion that is an increase of 43%

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