30 Years War Essay

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The four stages of the Thirty Years' War, which was fought mostly in the Holy Roman Empire (modern Germany), involved nearly all of the major powers of Europe, and was a war that used religion as a cover-up for politics. The war caused the demise of the Holy Roman Empire, and the rise of France as the new power in Europe. During the war new technologies also were used. The Thirty Year's War was ended by the peace of Westphalia in 1648. Before the war, the Holy Roman Empire already began to have its struggles. In 1555, the Peace of Augsburg was recognized. It stated that the individual prince of the Holy Roman Empire could determine the religion of his subjects. The Peace of Augsburg was unraveling as some converted bishops had not …show more content…
To counter the Protestants, Ferdinand II, the Holy Roman Emporer, enlisted the support of Albrecht von Wallenstein. Wallenstein was a rich nobleman from Bohemia. He pledged any army from 30,000 to 100,000 soldiers to the Emperor in return for all of the plunders from the cities and territories he captures. Christian IV decided to invade, but he new nothing of the combined forces of von Wallenstein and Tilly. Christian was forced out of the Holy Roman Empire. England was internally divided and France was in the mist of a civil war. Sweden was also in a war against Poland . Wallenstein defeated the Protestant general Mansfled at the Battle of Dessau Bridge in 1626. Tilly also defeated Danes at Battle of Lutter also in 1626. Over half of the Protestant army was lost in those two battles. Wallenstein marched north, capturing several cities, but was unable to take the Danish capitol. He then laid siege to the city of Stralsund. Christian IV then signed a treaty that forced him to end his support to the Protestants. It was another victory for the Catholics. The Catholic League pushed the emperor to invade the lands that the Protestants took. His decision to do so would bring around the end of the Holy Roman Empire. The third stage is called the Swedish phase. It lasted from 1630 to 1635. It is named after the king of Sweden, Gustavous Adolphus. He intervened in the war to help the Protestants of the Holy Roman

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