3 Year Marketing Plan Essay

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Company G
3-Year Marketing Plan
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Student Name: Vicki R. Crain
Student ID: 000281935
Date: 09/25/14
Mentor Name: Laura Nicolet Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Mission Statement 3
The Product 3
Consumer Product Classification 3
Target Market 4
Competitive Situation Analysis 4
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model 4
SWOT Analysis 5
Strengths 6
Weaknesses 6
Opportunities 6
Threats 7
Market Objectives 7
Product Objective 7
Price Objective 7
Place Objective 7
Promotion Objective 7
Marketing Strategies 7
Product Strategies 8
Price Strategies 8
Place Strategies 8
Promotion Strategies 9
Tactics and Action Plan 9
Product Action Plan 9
Price Action Plan 9
Place Action Plan 10
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For consumers that regularly pay for grooming services, on average, the unit will pay for itself in three months with the money that is saved. Another advantage of purchasing the XG Automatic Dog Washer is time savings. With the fast-paced life people lead today, any amount of time that is saved is a valuable asset. The XG Automatic Dog Washer uses one third of the time that traditional methods. Consumers that use pet grooming businesses will realize the biggest time savings, as the entire cycle for the XG Automatic Dog Washer can be completed faster than consumers can load their dogs in the car and leave their driveway and can be used at the consumer’s convenience, without trying to work an appointment into their already busy schedule.
Consumer Product Classification The most frequently used method consumer product for classifying consumer product is analyzing buyer behaviors. Using this method, Company G’s XG Automatic Dog Washer is classified as a shopping product. Shopping products are products that consumers purchase only after comparing competing offerings (Kurtz, 2010). Some of the determining factors the classifications of this product are:
1. Planning time involved in the purchase – This product is not a necessity and people will spend a great deal of time comparing things such as; prices, warranty, customer reviews and available features.
2. Purchase frequency – The

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