3 Types of Crime Measurement Essay

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Criminologist attempt to determine the extent and nature of delinquency using three types of measurement. Uniform Crime Reports, victimization surveys and self report studies all have similar purposes of concluding the trends in different crimes and suggesting the attention of problematic issues. Although, theses types of crime measurement all have the same aim, results vary tremendously between them. Each type of measurement is conducted by a different group that hold their own techniques of gathering information. In the United States, the Uniform Crime Report has been the most relied upon.
The FBI gathers all their information from police agencies around the world. The results come from recorded police reports which
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Who commits acts of delinquency?
According to the Uniform Crime Report juvenile delinquency is considered an act that few engage in. Only 6% of people, named chronic offenders by the Wolfgang study, are said to contribute to half of all crimes. Directly opposing these findings from the
UCR are the results of the self report studies. Self report studies have found that almost all juveniles have committed some type of act of delinquency. Delinquency is seen on a continuum with the more delinquent people who frequently commit crimes that are more serious in nature at the higher end. Not only do findings differ among the percentage of people who commit juvenile crimes but they also differ in explaining the most popular juvenile crimes.
Basically all of the 3 types of measurements do conclude that those under the age of 18 commit less violent offenses and more property offenses. However when it comes to showing the most common violent offense, results differ once again. The UCR finds robbery to be the most common violent juvenile offense. On the other hand, self reports find that assaults are the most common. When it comes to age and gender all 3 reports easily conclude that male delinquency is much higher than female. While looking at specific crimes certain conclusions may emphasize higher rates of female delinquency in very few areas. The
UCR shows that even though

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