The Softening Of A Software Man Analysis

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The Sources

The first article is titled “The Softening of a Software Man” and the author, John Heilemann, seems to be focused on the idea of a legacy. Heilemann wonders if Bill Gates will be remembered in the history books or how much influence Gates actually possesses.
The audience Heilemann is directed at is really just anyone who has heard of Gates and perhaps wondered the same things as him, wanting to know just exactly how influential Gates is. And aside from Gates himself, the audience must also have a vague definition of success at the very least since it is not defined by Heilemann.
In the first paragraph, Heilemann already states “Bill Gates has moved on from trying to take over the world to trying to save it” (Heilemann), giving
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And if anyone has to be on the other end of the spectrum, then it’d have to be those who question his motives and methods, arguing against Gates being a good successful man.
Lewis Schiff wrote the article “3 Secrets to Bill Gates’ Extraordinary Success” and in it he claims that Bill Gates is in fact, not successful because of his ideas and imagination, rather because he carried them out brilliantly.
Schiff’s target must be people who believe that Gates became successful because he had good ideas, but Schiff intends to discredit that. He states “This (Gates’) story fits with the widely-held notion that coming up with a ‘big idea’ is what it takes to accomplish a lot, and become very wealthy...They (the most successful ones) say that success requires extraordinary execution on an ordinary idea” (Schiff). Then he proceeds to make his point by saying that “Gates’ entrepreneurial life supports the latter point”
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Like the extremely similar previous sources, Astrum People seem to be aiming for audiences who know of Bill Gates and want to learn about the events in his life that led to his ultimate success. The authors end the introduction with “Due to hard work, he (Gates) has achieved not only the prosperity of the company, but also the title of one o the richest people on Earth” (Astrum People), letting the readers get a grasp of the point they are trying to make. Beyond general knowledge of Gates, the audience is also assumed to have an idea of what the “American dream” is and some of what Gates has done to be called a representative of the term. Compared to the various other sources that have the same format of bibliography as this one, the viewpoint is quite similar though digging a little deeper, even going as far as mentioning the “American dream”. Then considering the fact that there are so many bibliographies out there about Bill Gates and his achievements, the ones who support those beliefs have the definite advantage whereas the conspiracy theorists don’t.
Lastly, “Bill Gates Biography” is yet another biography highlighting parts of Gates’ life and his points of success. The authors of this article, Editors, take a standpoint like most those of Gates’ biography writers and aim for the same

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