Langston Hughes And Salvation Essay

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Question #1: (a) What does Salvation mean? (b) How does the death and resurrection of Christ save us from our sins? (c) Are Christians the only persons who can experience salvation? (d) Can animals and other living things in God’s creation be saved?

February is “Black History Month, people all over our country and in some others, are given opportunities to learn about the struggles and accomplishments of African Americans. Who would have imagined that using chapter 13:” The Finality of Jesus Christ and Religious Pluralism” the assigned class text and reference book; “Faith Seeking Understanding” the content would lead to correlating the question of salvation and its meaning to the works, of Langston Hughes. Langston Hughes an African American
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There are two Sacraments ordained of Christ our Lord in the Gospel; Baptism and the Supper of the Lord. (article XVI UMC) Additionally, there are other rites such as Confirmation, ordination, Holy Matrimony, funerals, and anointing of the sick are performed but are not considered sacraments. Sacraments recall God’s promises and presence to the worshiping community, binding it together ever more tightly and to clearer purpose. (Charry 1995) The sacrament of baptism as taught in the Bible, is a ceremony in which a person is symbolically cleansed of sin through water. This cleansing may be through total immersion or sprinkling or pouring of water of the person. Baptism has some special significance in the life of the baptized: announces a follower of Christ in a public declaration, shows an act of obedience, and a move to a new life. Baptism centers a Christian’s life. The use of water for washing purifies the baptized for a new life dominated by belonging to God. Forgiveness of sin separates the past life from a new life of freedom and …show more content…
(Sproul 2016) People remember and celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and many other historical and personal events. These celebrations have special specific aspects to their remembrance, that is what the sacraments mean to partakers. The power of Christ lives in the sacraments. This power comes from God not from the prayers, confessions, creeds or the minister. They are a way to relate to God throughout life’s transitions and help us to give praise and worship to God. They help followers of Christ nourish, strengthen, and express individual and communal faith. Through the sacraments, Jesus remains with His people, strengthening, healing, feeding, and forgiving them as they face life’s challenges. Sacraments are signs of the sacred presence of our God in our daily lives. Therefore, the sacraments are essential for salvation, because they depict our connection to the

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