3-D Printing, Soligen and Other Companies Essay

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Question 1: Select 2-3 companies profiled in the case and discuss the formulation of their respective strategies for commercializing the TDP Technology

The three companies we would further discuss are the Soligen, Specific Surface Corporation (SSC) and Z Corp.

Soligen Technology Inc. was founded by Yehoramo Uziel, it was incorporated in Delaware in October 1991, and commenced operations in April 1992. Soligen is a metal casting industry which produces fully functional 3-Dimensional cast metal components. Typically the lengths of time to make castings are approximately 6-12month. However with Soligen’s unique technology known as DSPC (Direct Shell Production Casting) the length of production is reduced to weeks or even
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They estimated an investment of $1.75million and believed they could generate sales of $31.5million in their fifth year and their earnings before interest and taxes would be $13million in that year. Specific Surface Corporation also had a strategic advantage of writing up business plans and finding investors for an entire year before opening. This enabled them to have a good head start to begin their company’s life.

Z Corp:

Z Corp was founded by Marina Hatsopoulos, Walter Bornhorst, Jim Brecht and Tim Anderson in December 1994. Z Corp’s intention was to manufacture a fast, inexpensive, office-compatible machine. They wanted to ensure it taped the $100million market for a 3-Dimensional concept models for engineering and architectural design. The Z Corp machines made rapid prototypes 20 times faster than existing rapid prototyping processes.
Marina Hatsopoulos obtained a degree in mathematics in 1987 and her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 1992. After graduating from MIT she decided that she wanted to start a business. She did some consulting and work with Walter Bornhorst on four major real estate rehabilitations where Bornhorst as his son would buy buildings, gut them or sell them as condominiums. Meanwhile Marian searched for a business she could buy. She spoke to old professor Woody Flowers who suggested her and Hatsopoulos

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