3.3 Explain the Social and Medical Models of Disability and the Impact of Each on Practice.

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Social models and medical models of disability
By labelling a child because of there disability can prevent us as seeing the child as a whole person like their gender, culture and social background the medical models is a traditional view of disability and that through medical intervention the person can be cured where in fact in most cases there is no cure. They expect disabled people to change to fit into society.
The social model of disability looks at ways to address issues to enable people to achieve their potential, by looking at ways to adapt the environment so the child can feel included this is very important. The social model has been constructed by disabled people and by listening to what disabled people want and to remove any
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Diagram of Medical Model The social model
During the 1960’s and 1970’s newly formed groups of disabled people started to challenge the way in which they were treated and regarded within society. Alternative definitions of impairment and disability were developed and formed the basis of what is known as the Social Model.
Impairment is the functional limitation within the individual caused by physical, mental or sensory impairment.
Disability is the loss or limitation of opportunities to take part in the normal life of the community on an equal level with others due to physical and social barriers.
The social model of disability is a more constructive approach to disability. It focuses our thoughts on addressing the issue, ‘What do we need to do to enable this person to achieve their potential and have a fulfilling life?’
The social model puts the emphasis on the way in which society needs to change, in contrast to the medical model which expects disabled people to change to fit into society. The strength of the social model is that it identifies problems which can be resolved if the environment is adapted and the right resources are made available; whereas the medical model dwells on problems which are often insoluble. Disability is no longer seen as an individual problem but as a social issue caused by policies, practices, attitudes and/or the environment. For example, a wheelchair user may have a physical

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