21st Century Leadership Essay

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In order to be a great leader you must one day have been a great follower. Some leaders are naturally born to lead and some leaders are groomed to lead. I have respectfully had the chance to work at companies that have had some extraordinary leaders. The senior executive that I would like to present is Terry Lundgren. He is the CEO, Chairman of the Board, President and Director at Macy’s Inc. I have had the privilege to meet Mr. Lundgren and his presence indicates that excellence is mandatory. I always thought that true leaders lead by example. However, Mr. Lundgren insists that he follows, rather than leads by example.
Terry Lundgren started his retail career in 1975 with Bullock’s at Macy’s Inc. He started from the bottom of the retail
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Most of the people that have moved up into leadership roles all started out at the store associate level as a sales associate. Macy’s provide the training needed to change into different roles. I started out with the company as a seasonal associate and I would go back every holiday season. The company sets a standard to employees that provides loyalty and integrity by allowing associates that have worked there and left on good terms the opportunity to come back anytime. Mr. Lundgren credits the employees for a job well done. He takes pride and effort into making sure that the associates of both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s understand that they are important and they are appreciated. He considers himself to be Chief Customer Officer, and to him customers consist of his employees as well as consumers, after all employees are consumers also.
Macy’s strategic formula for continued growth and success was redefined by the customers’ shopping experience. The best decision that he could have ever made to change the shopping experience for customers is when he consolidated several companies into the streamline of the two most profitable companies. Federated had so many companies under their belt but Macy’s, for example has been one of the most profitable for years. He acknowledges the fact that the Macy’s experience is delivered in stores, online and via mobile devices to promote a better chain for the company. He once said he wanted to make sure customers are served

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